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Soul the Expression of Divine Energy of God

                    God is the name of the absolute consciousness. This is the power which is the conscious, it is awakened. God is the source of energy, whose end is never known to anyone, here an effort has been made to express his higher power,which is enshrined into us .God is the ultimate source that produces all those energies that can form or destroy anything in less than seconds.

To experience the Divine power can be difficult as well as easier. 
The God expresses himself in different forms
In Hinduism we say there are 33 crore deities , and each deity keep various forms what does that mean? as when scientists saw there are various kinds of organism present in world, to identify them properly they categorized them in classes and species, the spiritual scientists or ancient Indian sages identified various energies and made nomenclature for them and collect all attributes of these energies in various kinds of ancient books they called Granth & Puran .so the meaning of 33 crore deities is that Indian sage identified 33 crore of various kings of energies . In hindu civility ,people worship different different deity to get desire result ,like worshiping of Sarasvati to gain knowledge,and Durga to gain power and so on.. reality is people practice to invoke various kinds of higher energies to get what they desire .In Christianity there are practice to invoke different energies too, to get desire result ,they call angels.arch angels... etc. though all energies are different expressions of ultimate source .

 The question is, if the creator is so difficult to get, how we can easily get them. Remember that living simple life is considered to be the most difficult task, but the human being makes difficult tasks easier with easy mind. A soul enters the body with the power to do so. The problem is that, when we open our eyes in the world, we forget our powers, while facing the pleasant and tragic circumstances of life, we do not care about these powers, but if the human beings awaken these powers, they can overcome the difficult conditions of all the ways so easily.

Enough to Surprise you..
The power you get is also called energy, it is enough to surprise you, even though the amount is less than that of the Divine Powers. However, if these powers awaken into you, then it would be enough to give you all kinds of pleasure facilities. Whatever power you have received from God, if only a few of them are awaken then you can accomplish many of your work very easily.
There are many objectives of soul to implant itself into body or to take birth; in which one of the main objectives is to awake all its powers and being able to use them.
The question arise, why are these powers given to us by the creator?
Answer of this question is given with an example, assuming that your child is now able the visit the school, you choose the city's best school according to your knowledge and reach. Now you want that your child complete his/her schooling here.  If the last class is 12th standard, then you would expect that the child should be studying till the 12th, and after that he left the school. Just like as a child enters the school, study and clear tests and make himself\herself able to move for further classes until all available classes in school become finish, The soul comes on a planet according to its ordination, And it stay here until it pass the last class available here through which the soul being able to awaken its own power.
Here, the principal and teacher is nature. the circumstances of life is like the textbook's text or lesson. to handle those situations, like answering the questions given in the last of the lesson, and now the pleasant thing is that like the child On the go, parents give school bags, copy books, pen pencil, what would the soul have got? If you feel that nothing is given to you, then you are absolutely wrong. God, that ultimate consciousness has sent us, equipped with his own powers. We have got enough powers to face the problems of every kind. Along with this, divine help is available all the time around us. Every single moment it is available.

When the soul holds the body, then these powers are assembled into different chakras of the body, and operate the body. Although some of these powers remain in the awakened state, while some become in dormant state, some awake with time, and some make passive itself too. It is depend upon many conditions whether the soul power would be awakened or dormant. Such as the physical and mental state of a person, the deeds and sacraments of his previous lives, and his new rites, the environment which surround him. Yet one person brings these powers in use either knowingly or unknowingly. For example, a person who get nervous even in easy circumstances, takes care of himself and the people around him in most difficult situations or in disaster.
 Now two things need to be consider…
1.  Did it happen with you ? you are going to meet an accident and suddenly you have been saved? You have been helped, it is your soul power which help you in fact, these powers come on front solve the problem and then vanishes.
2.  You have a problem you need to make appropriate decision to resolve it. Suddenly the problem of your mind has been solved, you have been helped, and it seems as if someone gave you the mandatory message, if you believe that you have escaped from any trouble. This is done by higher powers which are sent by the creator to help you, when your own power is not enough to solve the problem.
If you feel you don’t have such a brilliant power...your struggles are more than your soul power...keep this in mind all pains are just like dark clouds while higher powers are of the Ultimate.
 Just as the sun hide behind the clouds. Just because there are clouds, we cannot deny the existence of the sun. Just like that we also cannot deny presence of higher energies.
ultimate nature

Is there any such experience that you call a spiritual experience? If it has happened, please share it with us. Would you call them a coincident if yes, try to maintain a journal   , soon it will happen every day. The world is full of miracles, you need to see only you need to faith only, there are miracles happening every day around you.

note- read this article in hindi


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