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Reiki - My Experience with

Reiki I learned reiki 4 years . My opinion about reiki might be discouraging for those who consider it as a business opportunity. In India many people still don’t know about reiki . there is a same sound word rekee which mean figuring out each possible ways to enter and exit safely from place where you about to robe. So if you want to talk about reiki mostly people consider it rekee. My progress was quite impressive for masters who taught me about energy and how it work. I started to send distant healing, and find good results …I started a facebook group where I send daily healing for a specific goal , I also used to send healings on many other facebook groups and pages.but all these could not satisfy me much…there are some thing you find helpful.. Masters who teach you here do not reveal much about reiki …they make it super-duper confidential    like if you know you may harm world or him. it’s not about my first master it about my last master who promised me to give grand level