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Reiki - My Experience with


I learned reiki 4 years . My opinion about reiki might be discouraging for those who consider it as a business opportunity. In India many people still don’t know about reiki . there is a same sound word rekee which mean figuring out each possible ways to enter and exit safely from place where you about to robe. So if you want to talk about reiki mostly people consider it rekee.

My progress was quite impressive for masters who taught me about energy and how it work. I started to send distant healing, and find good results …I started a facebook group where I send daily healing for a specific goal , I also used to send healings on many other facebook groups and pages.but all these could not satisfy me much…there are some thing you find helpful..

Masters who teach you here do not reveal much about reiki …they make it super-duper confidential   like if you know you may harm world or him. it’s not about my first master it about my last master who promised me to give grand level attunements but after giving master level he avoiding to attune me with higher level. Later on I got attunements from arch angels itself. After a foreigner master provide angel attunement. I was able to contact archangels. I learned many things from those. My favorite was Archangel Raphael.

The funny part why my last reiki master avoided to give grandmaster level attunment ,I came to know a year later that he was not attuned grand level… also he started many reiki group and added me some of them . He instructed me to send healing to members of the group . I obeyed him . I always wanted to know if I really helping people or they really get healing sort of things or all these were just imagination so I asked people for their feedbacks after each healing. People were not just providing me good feedback they awaited for getting healing through me and my master was not liking this. So he banned me to give further energy. Which had been a feeling for me to help people through some ways. Later my master alleged me to practice some sorts of black energy and stealing his followers because group members were messaged him that he said me to start healing again (they dont know that he himself stopped me) .my master was really good in energy work but as we all have some weakness in ourselves he used to have fear that he might be forgotten from people so he always threaten group member to leave group if things do not work out his way.

Here I was also struggling with other problems.. I often forgot to cut the chords after finishing healing. I used to indulge myself so much during sending healing I feel completely exhausted after process, sometime I also used raku to cut the chords but I feel I am somehow connecting with other’s karma. Here I remember how my first master warn me not to send healing to the mass and I ignore him. It give me huge detoxification or side effects of healing if I say it about me. I often get ill but in medical report I was healthy.

Here are some points for your consideration

1.   Reiki is self-intelligent energy which mean it flow where you need it most ,this can be your intended point or somewhere else.

2.   Reiki do not provide permanent solution until receiver is ready at subtle level to cut that chord due to which the problem is arising. This is the reason why many sitting or sessions are necessary for a single requirement.

3.   Your problem may be a reason to clear some karma ,here you find difficulty to heal from reiki.

4.    You may find uneasiness while sending energy because you are just an instrument through which reiki is flowing. You may feel high vibration.

5.   The biggest problem with healer especially newbies that if you forget to cut chords after reiki treatment you will bound karma with whom you are sending energies as a result huge detox may happen as in my case.

6.   You need to make white ball around you for protection. Which is very necessary.




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