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Increase good vibes of your living place

  We dwell amid of higher divine energies and lower demonic energies.  For living a peaceful life we need to be surrounded by higher divine energies . therefore it is very important that where you live, make sure that the place is clean from negative energies and become full from higher vibrations.  Here I am going to provide you an infographic about how you can make your living space more peaceful more vibrant and clean from lower entities . So nice and fill from love kindness and Holly vibrations . Read and whatever you feel is appealing to you apply that remedy and dont forget to give your thoughtful opinion.   Remedies to increase good vibes   Sunlight Sun is core piller of the life. sunrays to not only destroy bacteria and germs but they also enemy of lower energies that's why most of black magic works are done at night in dark and most of Haunted House used to be in dark alone from long period of time. Make sure that sunlight can be entered into most of the rooms open

Reiki - My Experience with

Reiki I learned reiki 4 years . My opinion about reiki might be discouraging for those who consider it as a business opportunity. In India many people still don’t know about reiki . there is a same sound word rekee which mean figuring out each possible ways to enter and exit safely from place where you about to robe. So if you want to talk about reiki mostly people consider it rekee. My progress was quite impressive for masters who taught me about energy and how it work. I started to send distant healing, and find good results …I started a facebook group where I send daily healing for a specific goal , I also used to send healings on many other facebook groups and pages.but all these could not satisfy me much…there are some thing you find helpful.. Masters who teach you here do not reveal much about reiki …they make it super-duper confidential    like if you know you may harm world or him. it’s not about my first master it about my last master who promised me to give grand level

How do negative feelings or negative vibration prevent Spiritual Ascension ?

Here question arise how does this vibes prevent from spiritual development.  well when someone practice spirituality . he start to attract higher energies , higher vibes in form of peace primly. these energies first enter into his energy field and start removing bad energies, bad vibrations of one's pain ,depression but if he is continuing with non veg diet . It increase workload for positive energy.The battle between good and bad energies result in form of detoxification,which  have to faced by person who is practicing spirituality. That'swhy if he is doing his practice along with taking non veg diet he is just empowering both energies.         Like doing practice he give more positive energy to his energy field and simultaneously he is also taking other bad vibes and provide more negative vibes to his energy field . in such cases sometime he feel very positive ,peace , love when higher power get stronger than lower power and sometime he may feel excess feeling of lust