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After Knowing This , You will Never Walk Alone

Imagine….. How do you feel? If city’s mayor is there for taking
care of you? to support you in every way? Feel good! Or feel proud! Or…will feel afraid!!Tell me how do it feel?
And now if there is President of the country to support you …. How are you feeling now? Is there something went too much!!!
Let check the reality and walk in our great world.
 Let's see if there is anyone or anything metaphysically behind of us or not!!!!!!I am giving you a complete broader list of those super natural things or higher forces which are work behind of us, take care for us and support us…
1.   Nature’s own power
2.   The big (large) form of the forces which is spread in the universe (healing energies) and which smaller proportion present in our chakras…inside us.
3.    The power of various expressions of the Supreme in forms of Angels, Deities, Diva and many more.
4.    Much evolved souls living with us, called saint, humanist.
5.    The souls that helps past life father, mother, or spouse or any other who has ascend but still with you for your development.
6.    The souls who, who take birth not only for himself but also for your spiritual development.
7.    Our own powers, which are contained in your own soul.

In every form, in every moment the supreme is with us,now tell me, "How do you feel now to know this ?"

Why? These power don’t help
Understand this in a way that if we want to confront any problem as our enemy and want to compete with it, then entire Divine Army is present to help us. Just a little! Look at the problem, then think is that problem really big in front of us? We, with whom the entire Divine Army is present, although it do not help us till we ask them for help . Surprisingly we do not remember that we are not alone even.
                             It is something like this ---the Lord has made us like a naughty child, for which he says, “play till you play ….till you are not full….. Then come and join me. Then come back to your home. If there is a problem then I am there to help you. But as long as you, my lovely naughty child!! .. You Play… I will not spoil your game ……but yes when you are tired, tell me I am with you in every way.”
  And do you know what is problem with us, what is it? We forget to tell or become too busy to play, forget about returning. When we get tired, we find ourselves alone, we forget the way to return home, we forget that we are not alone there is great support to us, But God never forgets, just like when a child get so much busy in playing game and forget to return home, yet parents never forget him. They keep full knowledge, about the child’s location? How far has it gone? When will he return? parents try to keep all information while in this part  It become a matter of great fun that God does not think that how far we have gone, because we are always in his reach.
from after knowing this ,you never walk alon

When they help?
The supreme let us live our life, let  take our decision ,he never interfere and this is called free will .Here some of us have decided the mark up line subconsciously beyond which they need help and at that moment higher energies come into existence and help. And for those who even don’t decide the limit, when they started to disturb their energy, higher energies try to contact them time to time, through many ways to tell that their game is now being on destructive mode.

How to experience higher energies in easiest way
It is very pleasant to feel that the heavenly forces are around us. You know that there are something brilliant present whose desire is your ultimate happiness, who know your grief. You know that there is something great who wants your betterment in all circumstances.
You know that there is someone who is in favor of you at all costs, who are to your side. There is someone - who knows this very intrinsically that if you have done something (whether it would be good or bad) or take some tough decision (good or bad) what was exact reason behind of it? What is the compulsion? And how do you really feel about that? That’s why, our scholars said this, and “God keeps knowledge of every moment”. There will be some reason! They must have done some thought and this is the real reason.
If you want to experience the higher energize, the cosmos, then first of all realize that they are with us .only this feeling will remove many kinds of frustration.  This feeling will fill you with peace. In reality, emotions or experiences are associated with your brain & heart; divine powers also connect directly to your third eye chakra, the crown cycle & the heart chakra. To live this feeling is to tell the divine powers that we know that you all are with us and for us. Then these higher energies begin to reveal themselves to you according to your energy level.
Enjoy company of divine forces
It is a miracle in the beginning to start experiencing the divine consciousness around us. You are surprised. Sometimes it feels scary and it is a strange experience as strange that sometimes you think that you are going mad. Don’t compare these experience to any haunted experiences,there is difference beteen these two in haunted experience your heart is overwhelm with fear while in divination your heart become full of peace and love.
Is strange , We imagine the ghosts around us but never feel the divine consciousness .when We do not live with our friends, our family, in any situation, we feel alone, while in the situation when we know that there are divine powers around us and we are not alone in any condition , this is great feeling.
At that time a unique relationship seems to be with God, with nature. It seems as in every moment someone caring for us. No matter how much you become older. It seems that for cosmos you are still like a newborn baby. The higher energies, who are blossoming in our happiness, who try to make comfort in our misery. They try to calm down us and let the disturbed time pass through. There is something brilliant which tell us how to handle a challenging situation.

Don’t forget
Learn to smile… Learn how to live this feeling that he with his ultimate forces is with us every moment. It does not matter how our rites are? It also does not matter whether we have earned many virtues or how many sins have been done. Because he knows that we are playing, he knows that the rituals, virtues and sorrow of sins are upon us, when we come inside the house, we will have been clean form all these, and if we  not ! Then nature will do this for us. After all, the mother word was made for nature, and mother would take care of it. Even if we do not care, nature keep it.

Life  is the most strange and wonderful game ,you take a problem as a challenge and the lord keep whole cosmos power behind you to solve the puzzle as you don’t want any disturbance in your game the lord instruct higher energies not to disturb you until you ask help. After knowing this you will never walk alone.This is as compassionate thing of God that when you get it, smiles play on the face, in the eyes Tears come and the heart is crying happily, overwhelm with love. If possible, live with this feeling.



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