Know Wonderful work of Breathing

How can the means of breathing be utilized for maximum absorption of higher energy? It is easy to know and its use is also easy. Just have to take special care of two things -

  1- You need to be relax. Do not do in haste.  Do it in a natural way.
2- Keep your eyes close for few moments about to... two min. but not more than 10 min.

What will you do? All you have to increase your breathing cycle that is … deepen your breath.


1- Focus on your breaths. As soon as you concentrate it will become deeper itself. Just be aware of your breaths. It's easy. You can do this anytime - when cooking, while washing a car, washing clothes, while having breakfast, while waiting for someone... that means you become aware of your breath, it will become even deeper.

2- Try to increase the time of inhaling, exhaling and holding of breath.

3- Pranayama, yoga, exercises also increase the duration of your breath. Practice them.

Some use of Breaths

1. Balance the chakras by breathing
7 major chakra

First of all know the position of the seven major chakras present in the body.

Close the eyes. Starting from the crown chakra, focus one by one all 7 major chakra up to the root chakra. Take calm and deep breath for some seconds for every chakra one by one. Visualize that your chakra are receiving the cosmic energy through every breath. When you come to the root chakra, return your awareness from root chakra to crown chakra in same way.
Give deep breath with cosmic energy to each chakra.
When the physical eyes are closed, the third eye chakra comes into action immediately. As the result of increasing the practice, you can see some color like white, green, red, yellow... which are the color of all these chakras. The color which is visible to you, means that particular chakra is awakened (which the color belongs) and vice versa.
The purpose of this experiment is to awaken the energy of all the chakras in a identicle manner.

2. Freedom from diseases

Close the eyes …
Be calm take deep easy breath. Focus your entire awareness on the place where is a disease, if you have pain in many places and you are not able to find the exact place where your pain source is….  order your body that to help you to identify  ….. in a few moments you will feel ... location of  pain or pain source. Your mind may remind some feelings which is exactly …the real source behind the pain…Target the place and send the cosmic energy via the breath. As the practice increases. You feel better.

3. Relaxation by breathing

Sit down, close your eyes. Now you have to declare your pain in % first. After this firmly decide that with every exhale you will send stress...out of body and mind.  Take care - do this experiment very comfortably. Do not stress on the breath to exclude stress. Generally, the duration of the exhalation period become greater than the inhalation, but when you use it, you will find that the duration of the exhalation has become more or almost double before inhalation you will feel that your body is throwing out negativities outside of body. When you come to zero, you will feel completely relax or you may go to sleep after this deep healing process.

4. Prevention of Pain by Patients

If you have pain in your knees or headaches, back pain or any other pain, then concentrate yourself. Close the eyes and calm down and take rest, then focus on the place there is pain. Ask your body. It will also tell you through the emotions that which is the exact place, the source of pain is. Focus your attention there and send the cosmic power coming through your breath. As your practice increases, your pain will decrease as well. Your pain will gradually decrease. You can also throw out that pain along with the breath out of the body.

What do you think …… inhalation and exhalation is just a normal phenomenon? Do you like to answer ….
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    1. Dear Oskar Glauber
      Thank you for appreciative words, May God give you Many Smiles..


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