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Increase good vibes of your living place

 We dwell amid of higher divine energies and lower demonic energies.  For living a peaceful life we need to be surrounded by higher divine energies . therefore it is very important that where you live, make sure that the place is clean from negative energies and become full from higher vibrations.

 Here I am going to provide you an infographic about how you can make your living space more peaceful more vibrant and clean from lower entities . So nice and fill from love kindness and Holly vibrations . Read and whatever you feel is appealing to you apply that remedy and dont forget to give your thoughtful opinion.

 Remedies to increase good vibes


Sun is core piller of the life. sunrays to not only destroy bacteria and germs but they also enemy of lower energies that's why most of black magic works are done at night in dark and most of Haunted House used to be in dark alone from long period of time. Make sure that sunlight can be entered into most of the rooms open window for few minutes daily especially in morning because morning there's a very strong vibration to destroy lower energies.


let breeze enter into your house... let Breeze move away what is Lowering happiness of your house . keep your window open for few minutes daily.

You are more powerful

 Do all those necessary activities which claim that you own the place. Always keep this in your mind that you are part of divine consciousness that's why you are more powerful than any other lower energy so once you own a place do whatever is necessary to claim that this is your property and no one can be there without your permission never fear never lose your confidence. your fear , sorrow ,arguments give power to lower shades So do just opposite of all these feelings be more table kind and loving.

Shift your focus

Now this is most important .where you focus energy goes there. if you focus more upon good vibes ,your energy attract that or vice versa.

The famous bay leaves remedy

Smoke bay leaves. spices like bay leaves keeps strong paranormal properties. used bay leaves to transmute or Infuse heaviness of the surrounding . take a clay pot burn some bay leaves, leave the room for 15 minutes alone after 15 minutes when you return into room you will immediately feel refreshment in environment of room do this for every room.

Epsom salt

Lit Epsom salt almost everyone know healing abilities of Epsom salt it was the lower energy into itself take a solid Epsom salt put it into either alcohol or is it full stop now take out the solid place it into the clay pot and let it after that go into each room and show the lead all over place the violet Flame of Epsom salt will grab the lower energy into it full stop once you complete this ritual let burn Epsom salt properly and throw away it from home or flush it.

Epsom salt placement place a solid of Epsom salt in each room replace it with new solid of Epsom salt every month

sleeping when you decide to new place before shifting Sprinkle some solved preferably it some solved on all over first and leave for 24 hours then sleep after that you may shift into home you will see definitely that the heaviness of place have been gone even if you are going outside of your home or you are about to I need to close your room for some days Sprinkle salt then leave.

Companies of pets

    They have ability to enlight the surroundings and delight you they keep beautiful heart full of love which is a course most strongest feeling most high vibrational healing which lower the power of dark shade Shadows.

Lemon water therapy

 lemon water therapy take a full glass of water put a lemon into it if lemon set down on base of the glass take it would be sign of heaviness of energies let this set up for whole night next date check lemon will absorb all negative energies from environment next day check if lemon is floating or not is lemon is floating that mean all negativities has been observed through lemon throw away lemon and water outside of the home brings the glass properly full stop in case if lemon still is not floating that means there is still some negativities remaining after absorption by the lemon in that case throw away the lemon and water and keep new setup again and check after 24 hours do this ritual until your lemon is start floating.


 Invoke divine light do this ritual daily it is simplest visualize that divine light is filling your space visualize each room every corner is now quilling from divine light.

                                           Chiller Party aka kids
A home could not be full of life .  They can attune themselves with high vibrational energy easily comparison to elder.

 Children are natural healer. therefore they can sense bad energy and they can transmute it too which easily reduce heaviness of surrounding. If there is no kid, pet also do same job.

 Party Party Party- Get together

Get together never let alone if you know this page is heavy frequently arrange get together with family friends and uplift the pressure of your surroundings.

If you are introvert and do not like gathering with people . Prayer is another very powerful tool you can use. In every culture if you ask something about Healing, cleansing and assertion the very first recommendation would be do "Prayer". now "how to do?" how you like or if nothing come into your mind ,Just love God rest is his Job.

Music therapy - High vibrational music play high vibrational music everyday for few minutes

 Cleaning in every matter necessary -   Cleaning of place remove all junk Brock and crockeries. 

if still you need don't hesitate to ask for help.

Important to understand

 track your mood if you are feeling depression loneliness, attraction towards addictions, anything which may harm your body as well as mind. It is definitely not good thing. To defeat this from love kindness gratitude healthy activities and don't forget to  laugh.


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