Is Non-veg diet ok in Spiritual Progression ?

For Centuries monks ,spiritual teachers or many ascended masters are telling you to avoid Non veg diet if you are practicing spirituality .
of course there are exceptional cases too, presents like every field of life it used to be .
the concern of people special who love non veg and want to practice spiritualily is Why ??? Why do i need to give up meat,beef etc? further their objection, " then why do God made human omnivorous rather than herbivorous only? What happen if i take non veg diet and practice spirituality along with?

OK so i try to tell on behalf of ascended masters.

  Death is painful for almost every living being except those who consider death is only transformation and migration from one dimention to another.
when cattle ,birds,fishes are killed for consumption as meal ,we never think what were going into those living beings, how they do feel at the time of near death,how much level of their sorrowfulness,pain for departure untimely from there families ,their body their environment..these vibrations in some proportion in form of pain  remain as residue within body ,within flesh of them and enter into one's body who consume this as meal.
usually people have their own negative vibrations in form of pain ,regret , sorrow,hate etc and when they consume flesh they just add up more painful feelings of killed animals within their energy field.
of course you want to eat non-veg and do not want to take bad vibration of killed one mere living being .Therefore you can do one thing you need to ask animal whether they want to be killed happily,or you may ask like ,Dear cow i love so much your beef meat would you like to give some of yours to enhance flavor of my taste buds?????
would love to listen your side....

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  1. Dear Suzanne Mellon
    First of all ,I apologize for late reply , second i an grateful for you to give a look on my blog it means a lot to me as a toddler blogger . now here i try to give my ans for your queries as per mine ,
    as you said why did i talk about only COW instead of other creature, here i am talking about vibration of what we feed to our body and beaf are mostly eat almost all over world so i felt to give this as example . mentioning cow does not mean that if you destroy other creature you dont get bad feelings.of course you get same thing.
    then your concern about other pitty creature , iwant to tell that i am 100% agree with you.this is that area which draw your attaintion first and thats not nessessory that what draw your attaintion draw others too. so if you want that people show their concern about that ,why do you not take stand about this, do something like awaring people about this or telling children about deforesting or write blog s on this ,btw you may do guest blogging here too if you seriously concern .


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