Move your Sensitivity at next level :Energy of food- Potential possibilities of An Empath

“Something buried there, it is odious.” Said Edward.
Freya had astonished when Edward disclaimed pizza’s flavor like this. It had been very late when Edward and Freya were returning from office .Both hunger stopped at front of a popular pizza shop and made an order for two pizza and coke. Edward was a great admirer of the flavor, the pizza shop deliver into its pizza. After having one the pizza lover order for next one ,but when it come to him ,he did not feel either good to see that or it was like his intuition did not give good sign to eat that. He was not feeling correct vibration for late night only considered meal for him .something he is feeling lower than good.
Soon his all attention went on Freya’s exciting talk about arranging passes of the concert, while he took a bite of the pizza. Suddenly he had been understand why his attention warned him. His inner empathy had told him all the story.
Edward said, “Something buried there and it’s odious.”
Freya got shocked to hear this statement, “what is not good Edward, pizza?”
Edward, “no….no…it’s not about pizza, it’s about tomato, its bad .the pizza is perfectly fine.”
Freya,”yeah! Sure... you are telling this after having a whole pizza before!!!You are saying the second one is bad!!”
“I have told you Freya it’s not about pizza it’s about tomato they used for pizza. I feel some carrion was there when the plant was receiving minerals from soil, and plant transmitted this energy into tomato which come to me through this pizza” Said Edward.
And then they leave the place. Freya knew Edward is an empath of next level and that's why he sensed  to the food energy of food while in Edward mind he was feeling pain and sorrow of that living being who dead there beside or beneath of the tomato plant.
                                        Being an empath is may be blessing for anyone, but it is a skill of mind, some cultivate it while some dormant it and some simply ignore it. An empath may easily sense what other not. He may sense pain, sorrow, happiness, lower energies as well as presence of higher energies into a person or a surrounding. He may predict future and get information of anyone just through contacting to his subconscious mind.
   There are many potential possibilities for an empath if he strengthen his intuition like Predicting future, get knowledge about past incident and sense energies of food.
Among many potential possibilities I want to talk about to understand energies of food. Here I want to tell you how you can sense energies of food and decide whether it is infuse with higher energies or contaminated with lower energies. With this I also want to Conway you three major reason, how does food energy affected? This is about extending your empathy to next level, let’s start...
1-                Contaminated Energy of food via plants
Role of Earth in energy transformation
The basic phenomena which we know ,if something buried or dead ,decomposer start to decompose and it mix with soil with time yet sometime emotion , painful memories of the living being at the time of death take time to either absorb by the earth or  transform into positive energy which further return to living organism.
Nature of innocent plant
As we all work in our time zone, in same manner earth and plants work under their time zone. if plant absorb negative energies before it may transform by earth, there would be two chances of occurrences first negativities might be unbearable for plant and plant may die or secondly absorb the energy and transmitted it into its fruits and leaves, through which energy can further transmitted to whom consume it.when a living being eat such  veggies ,their system get disturb. Further this energy affect as mantle, psychological, physical problems.
              Here one question arise, do all plants and trees absorb negative energies from surrounding? Answer is “no”. Healing and medicinal  trees ,herb ,shrub such as banyan tree, people tree, basil, holy basil, garlic, aloevera,strongly protect themselves from negativities. Yet mostly vegetable plants cannot protect themselves from lower energies.
2-                Contaminated food energy via lower spirits
Sometimes spirits contaminate food energy, they take vital energy from food to strengthen their own energy. When you are having the meal contaminated by spirits, you find that, the meal has been lost its flavor completely .these spirits come from lower world which ever been in human or animal form.

3-                Food energy affected by cook
People who cook food for us, may affect energy of food. They may enhanced the vital force of food by infusing  higher feeling such as love ,peace, gratitude, kindness or they may contaminate food by hate, jealousy, anger .
Chefs who love their cooking, grandparents, who cook with affection or mother who cook with care naturally infuse higher energy with food’s own vital energy. Thus when who have that meal feel peace, love, enjoyment.
Cooking with hate, sorrow, pain make food almost poisonous, and whoever consume it, have to face many physical as well as psychological problems.

Ingredients, helpful to purify food and increase its energy
There are some ingredients you may use in your culinary to enhance energy of food and purify food, they are as following
1-                Epsom salt
2-                Basil
3-                Holy basil
4-                Bay leaves
5-                Garlic

Ways to purify energies of food

1-                Give reiki to your meal before you have it.
2-                After cooking offer small portion to divine and then mix this portion to food.
3-                Keep clean your surroundings
4-                Do small gratitude prayer before you take meal?
5-                Burn some white sage in kitchen before starting cooking.

What you may do if you are outside or you
already eat contaminated food-

1-                Drink lots of water.
2-                Drink lemonade.
3-                Drink a full glass of water mix a pinch of Epsom salt into it.
4-                Take bath  to Epsom salt
5-                Chant divine name
6-                Visit higher vibrational place like (religious place)
7-                Meditate
8-                Invoke violet flame
9-                Call arch angel Michael or Archangel Raphael or both of them, request to clear your energy.
10-           Do self-healing
11-           Practice spiritual gratitude.


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