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Dear lord this is what I feel..

      When I feel about you Dear God …..I feel strength. I feel ok.
No matter who you are. you may be some illusion, you may be imaginary or you may be real. I really don't know…. how to know? What you are?  I don't know... how to express you but I know how to express me…my feelings to you.

This is the only way where I am comfortable to communicate you. But you are something who support me always through invisible ways I don't But you do it and…

I feel it.
Though I can't see it but 
 I  feel it.

When I ask you for help ….I never feel… you help me at that moment. I had to struggle to get even a single small things and I asked for help
I never feel that you were helping me.
I feel in all those struggling ways I was completely alone.
But then after the things  resolved and when I rewind the whole drama into me…
Now I see created... the very small helping moments which came in very unaccepting way...
I feel… you were beside me when I was feeling alone.
You were there when I was feeling guilty…
You were there just like you are just behind me.

When I was laughing you were there... when I was weeping you were there. When I was crying whole night and my tears are rolling down from my cheeks still my eyes do not roll down with tears because you make it as strong.

When I think… everything has been finished there's no scope for improvement of the situation….. You give me

Another chance to smile.

when everyone is  blaming me, In very deep side of mine ….you were  strengthen  me .
You were saying, “Let it go.” I don't know from where you speak to me?
How you communicate to me?? But you talk to me …you speak through my mind.
You speak through my feelings
You speak through messages …all the same messages which I get in . You send messages which psychic predict sometime, so I know when you want to contact me you just contact me.
No one ever define you so how can I???? How can I ask you?
Who you are but I can express my feeling at least
My feelings to you because this is the only way I know to communicate you
 I can communicate you with love because
 I can feel you …
When I get angry I completely forget you. when I sad I completely ignore but you dear …. You never leave me alone.

And after the moment I calm down ….I feel that you are here and you are busy to manage all those things which peace me
Holy lord …. The feeling that
 “I  feel you”
 …make me grateful to you
Really grateful to you
Thank you
Thank you for always being with me
Always in my life
Thank you……. God thank you for being all time with me
Thank you very much to let me see you in the all the song my life is singing with me

Thank you to enabling me to see you in all the form you express yourself.



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