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How to Enhance Spiritual Power through Breathing

magic of divine power
We have a variety of resources available to increase contact with divine powers, from which there is an important instrument - the power of our breath, because even through the breath, the cosmic energy in the form of pranic energy (soul power)enters the body. The more the brain receives the cosmic energy ... its ability to communicate and contact to the super natural powers increases. When the inhalation is deep then the body gets more energy. Similarly when the breath is small then less spiritual powers enter into the body.
                                   Normally, a baby's breath used to be deeper, whereas an old man has almost shallow / shorten breathes. Yoga has given the most attention to breath. The reason for this is  ... exhalation excludes negative energies from the body with the carbon dioxide. Breath often becomes deeper in the state of meditation, in sleep or in the state of hypnotisms. In deep breathing, your contact increase to your subconscious mind. The breath which is a simple common phenomenon for us, its various uses have been given in yoga, so that you can keep clean your aura.
Relationship between age and breaths
The duration of our life is depend upon, the number of breaths. It is fixed -neither less than one breath, we live life ... nor a breath more we live. Let's understand this by a simple example - suppose ... we only hold the body for 100 breaths, which means after 100 breaths end, we have to leave the body. The body will die.  Duration of life depends on... These 100 breaths which either we may finish in 10 hours or in an hour.
From the above example, you have now understood that the age span depends on the number of breaths and breathing method or rhythm, rather than day, hour, or years.

The mysterious and powerful process of breath-
For us breath means a simple process in which there are 2 steps-
 First- is called inhalation or is called poorak in the language of yoga.
 Second - is called exhalation or is called rechak in the language of yoga.
But actually there is a step between it which is a pause between inhalation and exhalation, called Kumbhak. This Kumbhak is also of two types - External Kumbhak and internal Kumbak.
 External Kumbhak- means it is paused for a few seconds to minute just after exhalation.
Internal kumbhak- It is paused for a few seconds to minutes just after inhalation.
super natural power through supreme

In the case of the internal Kumbhak, the cosmic energy enters the various parts of the body and into the chakras faster. It enters the body in greater quantity. In the external Kumbak, suffering / pain / disease in the body or negative energy is expelled from the body by cosmic energy and repair the body's loss due to that negativities. Generally people only inhale and exhale they never understand importance of kumbhak.
 In fact, the khumbak increases the duration of the breath and the breath becomes deeper. It is good for us to have deep breaths ... as cosmic energy have more  time to clean the body's energy divisions and repair the damages done by negative energy.
You can predict disease before it harm  
The very first symptoms of disease is short breaths or shallow breath due to the presence of less cosmic energy in the body. Although one can oppose, that when we do yoga, exercise or jogging, at that time our speed of breathing becomes shorten. But it helps for being healthier.  Yes that’s true but keep this in mind whatever activities are done to keep the body healthy. The primary purpose of all is to make the breath deeper.   a person increase the speed of his breath (or shrinking the cycle of the breath)through jogging or exercising , his breath becomes deeper and deeper after exercise, as deep the breath would be He will feel himself energetic / energized, calm, happy.
You may also feel it yourself, breathe fast for five time. Focus on if you are stress-free or energizing yourself, or you feel tired and confused. Now let the breath slow down a bit, do kumbhak for two seconds... breathe comfortably ... focus now what are you feeling relaxed or fatigue???
Feel peace. This experiment proves that as much as the breath become shorten, the more problems arise, the less brilliant power will be entered within the body... And in the deeper breathe, the more brilliant powers will enter the body.
What do you think? Is breathing just a normal phenomenon? 

Do you like to answer it? We will also share about some experiments related to breath in part two. Share your opinion and information with us.
enhance spiritual power through breathing

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